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from my upcoming CD " Cyrano "


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The Enlightened Path

Check out this great video



Every once in a while I have to step back and regroup. I don't like to play the same songs too often, even if they're mine, so I stop playing publicly outside of charitable performances. I put some needed space between me and the familiar and when I pick up the guitar or get on get on the keyboard I don't play anything I know. That process restores my creativity and optimism. The space between the notes is as important as the notes themselves, the same in life. You can find yourself doing the same thing musically and although you feel you're moving forward you're only on a small Carousel giong in the same small circle. You have to stop, get off, and begin anew.  Get some new chops, new songs and a new perspective. Jazz musicians I know call it going in the woodshed. 


Part II of the Black Forest Anthology, This recording is solo acoustic guitar played on my favorite acoustic instrument aptly named CYRANO, after Cyrano De Bergerac. A fitting addition to Black Forest and another visit into the realm of the musically beautiful. 

IN THE WORKS - La. Guitar Mix

Ghetto Metal Instrumental with searing lead guitar throughout. The first release I completed on my home studio, The Sound Lab.

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The love you give is better than the love you get. 


To create music that as a positive effect, that brings others to a better place. To make a better world than the one we live in. 


" Music, I insist, must in spite of everything be beautiful. I do not understand the arguments of those composers who tell me that the music of our time must be ugly because it gives expression to an ugly age. Why does an ugly age need expression? And what is left to music if it is denuded of beauty? What mission has it, then, as art? No. Theories are all very fine. But a composer should not compose his music to theories. He should create musical beauty directly from his heart, and he should feel intensely what he is composing.  

                                                                                  Maurice Ravel


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